Lydia Capital, LLC H. Thomas Moran II, Receiver of Lydia Capital, LLC


Welcome to the website of H. Thomas Moran II, Receiver of Lydia Capital, LLC. The primary purpose of this website is to keep the investors of Lydia Capital, LLC. informed of the actions of the Receiver and informed of current events.

Please continue to check this site periodically for updates.

On July 13, 2010, pursuant to previous notice to all investors in which a call-in number was provided, the Receiver held an investor conference call to discuss the status of the receivership and to answer any questions that the investors might have. No investors appeared for the conference call. As such the Receiver will plan on scheduling future conference calls as requested by the investors.
Appointment of Receiver

H. Thomas Moran, II was appointed Receiver of Lydia Capital June 1, 2007, by Order of the United States District Court for , District of Mass.

Receiver Defined

Simply described, a Receiver is a person legally appointed to receive and have charge of property or money involved in a lawsuit (Webster's New Explorer Dictionary).